Our Vocals

Eclipsed Sounds vocals are organized into two separate product lines - the Starry Court, our primary line of voices designed to cross genres and blend well as a set, and our upcoming "Phase 2", in which each voice database will be designed either for one specific genre or a group of genres.
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Our first vocal - SOLARIA is a powerful mezzo-soprano designed for a singer-songwriter tone.

SOLARIA Solfège (C Major, Recommended Range)

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SAROS is our dynamic and expressive tenor, ranging from warm lows to belted high notes.

SAROS Solfège (C Major, Recommended Range)

ASTERIAN icon c44f8418 0d34 4e07 aafd 56db994c3122


ASTERIAN is a unique and striking bass vocalist with both a gentle tone and more theatrical side.

ASTERIAN Solfège (C Major, Recommended Range)


Our Upcoming Genre-Focused Vocal Line

Eclipsed Sounds Phase 2

Vocals Beyond Fiction

Soon, we'll be launching Eclipsed Sounds' Phase 2. A departure from our current "Starry Court" lineup of genre-flexible vocalists, Phase 2 will provide voices designed to suit single genres, with a lineup based on our current backlog of user requests.

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