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Synthesizer V ASTERIAN is a flexible bass vocalist with a powerful tone and unique vocal texture that makes him naturally fit for a wide variety of genres. Order him now for an unforgettable vocal you can use any time!
Artwork by Pai

Vocal Features

ASTERIAN is an English-native bass vocalist that provides professional quality vocals for your projects whenever they are needed. Featuring a smooth bass range that smoothly transitions into a unique falsetto register, ASTERIAN makes a usually hard-to-find voice style easy to access any time. Users of ASTERIAN have control over all aspects of the melody and pitch and many other aspects of the voice like tension and breathiness, making ASTERIAN a vocalist with infinite possible applications.

Range: Bass (E2-D4) + Falsetto (G4-C5)
Tempo: 80-160 BPM
Voice Provider: Eric Hollaway
Recorded Language: English

Range: -- (Falsetto: -) | Suggested Combinations: Open, Strained

ASTERIAN's "Clear" vocal mode adds a degree of brightness and thins out some of the additional resonance in his voice. This can be used in small amounts to help cut through a mix, or in large amounts to change the vocal tone more drastically.

Range: -- (Falsetto: -) | Suggested Combinations: Clear, Gentle

The vocal mode "Warm", like "Clear", also adds a degree of brightness, but it also adds a more subtle characteristic in reducing the roundness of ASTERIAN's pronunciation significantly. This can lend to the impression that he is smiling while singing, and lean more towards a "pop" singing style when applied alongside other modes.

Range: -- (Falsetto: -) | Suggested Combinations: Warm, Passionate

The softest vocal mode, "Gentle", mellows out ASTERIAN's voice significantly, warming his tone while also creating a pleasant breathiness that can be applied to many different situations. In smaller amounts, "Gentle" can soften most other vocal modes.

Range: -- (Falsetto: -) | Suggested Combinations: Rough, Passionate, Clear

ASTERIAN's "Strained" vocal mode adds a significant degree of tension to the voice, particularly noticeable in his upper register. This can brighten up the vocal track as well as add a bit more character to the piece when mixed with other modes - this mode can even be leveraged to produce raspy lines with other adjustments.

Range: -- (Falsetto: -) | Suggested Combinations: Open, Strained

The "Rough" vocal mode is a somewhat experimental mode that adds a degree of grit and power to the voice. It works best when used in combination with other vocal modes where its effect can be more subtle, but it can also create a more unique tone when used alone as well.

Range: C3-E5 (Falsetto: E4-E5) | Suggested Combinations: Passionate, Theatrical

"Open" gives the voice a much more resonant and choral sound when compared to ASTERIAN's default settings. It can be used in small amounts to round out pronunciation into a more classical style, or in large amounts to create a dramatic performance.

Range: -- (Falsetto: -) | Suggested Combinations: Warm, Gentle, Strained

The "Closed" vocal mode is the most unusual of the selection when used alone, giving ASTERIAN a nasal and mumbling quality. However, it is best used in small amounts or as a parameter to adjust the openness of other modes. Additionally, to improve mixing clarity, it is suggested that users try the separated Aspiration Output settings on the render panel to isolate aspiration.

Range: -- (Falsetto: -) | Suggested Combinations: Strained, Clear, Warm

ASTERIAN's "Passionate" vocal mode is the closest to his default tone, but adds a subtle degree of style and performance to any piece. It can generally be used to boost ASTERIAN's emotive quality and elevates the tone of most other vocal modes as a result. "Passionate" typically functions as an "ASTERIAN+" in this way.

Range: -- (Falsetto: -) | Suggested Combinations: Open, Strained, Rough

The "Theatrical" mode is the most open and operatic of the selection, with a uniquely dramatic quality that suits more intense pieces. When combined with the "Open" vocal mode, this effect can be increased further, or it can be differently adjusted for other performance styles by blending it with modes like "Gentle" or "Closed".

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License Agreement

Our virtual vocalists have specific license terms to protect songwriters who use them as well as the singers who provided their voices to these projects.

  • Audio generated using the Synthesizer V ASTERIAN product may be used commercially without limit in creative works such as music, podcasts, video games, (et cetera) without securing an additional license from Eclipsed Sounds.

  • The user may never attribute audio generated using the Synthesizer V ASTERIAN product to "Eric" or "Eric Hollaway" and may only attribute generated vocals to ASTERIAN or leave them unattributed except in certain circumstances - contact Eclipsed Sounds to determine eligibility for these exceptions.

  • The user may not use audio from ASTERIAN to generate or train any other synthesized voice, such as a text to speech voice or redistributable sampler. Including audio from ASTERIAN in a re-sold sample pack is only permitted if the ASTERIAN-generated audio is mixed in with other instruments in every included sample, and cannot be isolated to be used on its own.

  • For commercial works using the Synthesizer V ASTERIAN character mascot and not the synthesized voice, derivative products may be sold without permission or profit limit by individual persons or non-business entity production groups.

The terms for ASTERIAN & our other synthesized singers are strict due to the realism & identifiability of the voice. Unlike most VSTs or synthesizer, voices can and will be recognized by the average listener. Thank you for respecting our license & helping us protect the voices of our singers.

Eclipsed Sounds Synthesizer V Voice Database End-User License Agreement

(Last Revision November 2022)

1 Definitions

  1.1 Eclipsed Sounds: Eclipsed Sounds, LLC, a limited liability company operating according to the laws of and established in the United States of America, focused on creating singing voice databases for Synthesizer V Studio, the voice synthesis engine created by Dreamtonics.

  1.2 Dreamtonics: Dreamtonics Co. Ltd. (and its subsidiaries), a limited liability company established in and operating according to the laws of Japan, specializing in computer music and voice technology.

  1.3 Singing Voice Database: singing voice database used for Synthesizer V Studio based on the singing voice synthesis engine created by Dreamtonics, abbreviated as ‘SVD’ in this Agreement.

  1.4 Person: any natural person, legal person, or organization without a codified legal identity, also referred to as “Persons” if used in a plural form.

  1.5 The User: any natural person who uses this SVD under the conditions herein, is also referred to as “You” or “Your” if used in the possessive form in this Agreement.

2 General Software License

  2.1 Eclipsed Sounds grants the User a single nonexclusive license to use this SVD only on the condition that the User complies in good faith with this Agreement. This SVD is and remains the sole property of Eclipsed Sounds. This license is non-exclusive, granting it to You shall not prohibit Eclipsed Sounds granting other Persons the same or different licenses.

  2.2 Selling, sub-licensing, sharing, leasing, or otherwise transferring rights to this SVD to any third party will result in voiding of customer support for the SVD for the User, and the User will no longer be able to receive technical support.

  2.3 You will be given an activation code with which to activate this SVD. You shall handle the activation code with care and You shall not disclose or share it with any third party. Eclipsed Sounds is not responsible for damages caused by inadequate management of activation codes, malpractices in the usage thereof, or any usage by a third party.

  2.4 The license granted by Eclipsed Sounds to the User allows this SVD to be used only by one natural person and to be installed only on a limited number of devices (designated by Dreamtonics) owned by the same User. In the event that this SVD is purchased by an entity or an organization, each natural person within this entity or organization should obtain a separate license.

  2.5 If Eclipsed Sounds has evidence to prove that one license of this SVD is used by multiple natural persons, Eclipsed Sounds has the right to immediately terminate the license without any compensation and without notice to the User.

  2.6 This SVD is only licensed to be used together with Synthesizer V Studio. The function of SVD will be limited when You use the free version of the Synthesizer V Studio. In the event that You would like to utilize the full set of features of this SVD, You should otherwise purchase Synthesizer V Studio Pro. If You want to use this SVD independent from the Synthesizer V Studio or Synthesizer V Studio Pro editors, for example embedding the SVD into an application, You may contact Dreamtonics and Eclipsed Sounds to facilitate it, which will require paying an additional price to secure a specific usage license.

  2.7 You must not take any measure, such as reverse engineering, reverse compilation, or reverse assemble, etc. that result in the extraction of information such as basic concepts, structure, and machine code for this software/algorithm. You must not attempt to bypass the copyright protection technology and technical limitations of the software.

  2.8 Eclipsed Sounds grants you the right to update this SVD free of charge, within the same major version.

  2.9 When You use this SVD, your device will automatically contact the servers of Dreamtonics from time to time. You may be charged separately by Your telecommunications carrier or internet service provider for this internet communication.

  2.10 For operational or technical reasons, Eclipsed Sounds may temporarily suspend or restrict the use of this SVD without notice to You. For the same reason, the provision of this SVD may be delayed.

3 Usage Rights and Conditions

  3.1 Eclipsed Sounds grants the User rights to:

    (1) Use Synthesizer V Studio with this SVD to produce singing voice (such singing voice produced hereinafter are referred to as ‘Rendition’), without any limitation on the quantity of the Renditions and free of additional charge for each Rendition.

    (2) Publish (“Present”) the Renditions or include the Renditions in publishable media, including but not limited to videos, CDs, DVDs, websites, podcasts, multimedia presentations, films, television, and radio broadcasts, complying with relative governing laws, non-commercially or commercially, directly or indirectly for and only for the benefits of You without any additional charge from Eclipsed Sounds.

  3.2 Under the condition that:

    (1)  When Presenting a Rendition, the User must not use names other than designated by Eclipsed Sounds to identify the SVD. These names are as follows: “ASTERIAN”, “Asterian”, “ASTERIAN AI”, or “Asterian AI”. Named attribution of the SVD is not required for the full version of the SVD. However, if the Lite version is being used, the SVD must be attributed as “ASTERIAN Lite”. The User also may not ever use the name “Eric” or “Eric Hollaway” to identify the SVD or attribute sounds generated from it.

    (2) Any compilation of the Renditions must not be Presented in isolation that facilitates the creation of derived works by a third party. For example, the creation of re-licensable sample packs from the SVD is strictly prohibited unless the Rendition is inextricably mixed in with other instruments and sounds in every sample in which it is present. 

    (3) Any part of the SVD or any Rendition generated from it must not be used as the input to any singing synthesis or speech synthesis model, algorithm, application or any data-driven workflow that generates singing voice or speech.

    (4) You must not conduct any of the following acts, or any act that may lead to such acts:

      a. Erasing, deleting, modifying or falsifying the copyright information or trademarks of this SVD, or any action that infringes or may infringe upon Dreamtonics’ or Eclipsed Sounds’ copyrights.

      b. Slander or defamation of Dreamtonics or Eclipsed Sounds.

      c. Any action that violates or may violate privacy.

      d. Any action that is against public order and morals, or an act of disclosing obscene audio generated by the User’s usage of this SVD to others.

      e. Any action that interferes with the operation and usage of this SVD by other users.

      f. Any action that violates the governing laws.

4 Liability Limitation of Eclipsed Sounds

  4.1 No quality guarantee of each Rendition is made by Eclipsed Sounds. No function guarantee of this SVD is promised by Eclipsed Sounds. No guarantee for the immediate access or availability to this SVD  or Synthesizer V Studio when You use them. Eclipsed Sounds will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by the User in using this SVD.

  4.2 You shall indemnify and hold harmless Eclipsed Sounds from any third party claims, damages, liabilities, costs and fees (including reasonable attorney fees) arising from Your usage of this SVD as well as from your failure to comply with any term of this Agreement. Under no circumstances and under no legal theory will Eclipsed Sounds’ liability hereunder exceed the price paid by You for this SVD. 

  4.3 Dreamtonics will collect the IP address, the device identity information, the operation system information of Your device, and Eclipsed Sounds will collect Your email address and contact information when You purchase and use this SVD and Synthesizer V Studio. If necessary, Dreamtonics or Eclipsed Sounds will collect more information for the implementation of this Agreement. The User confirms the authorization to Dreamtonics and Eclipsed Sounds to do so, and Dreamtonics and Eclipsed Sounds shall keep such information confidential and shall only use such information for the target of this Agreement. 

5 Miscellaneous Items

  5.1 Eclipsed Sounds may change the content of this Agreement without prior notice to the User. Such modification will take effect at once when it is made. This Agreement may be terminated by the sole resolution of Eclipsed Sounds if You breach this Agreement.

  5.2 This Agreement is deemed to have been entered into in the state of Virginia in the United States of America, and any dispute arising under this Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of the United States of America in the Loudoun General District Court in the 20th Judicial District of Virginia in the United States of America.