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Voice Database Lineup

Our Vocals

Our voice databases are created in collaboration with professional vocalists in order to provide studio quality vocals - right out of Synthesizer V Studio.

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Range: Soprano (D3-G5)
Tempo: 80-180 BPM
Voice Provider: Emma Rowley

SOLARIA is a solid vocal perfect for any songwriter, a young and passionate voice with a high level of singing skill.

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Range: Bass (C2-F4) + Falsetto (F#4-C5)
Tempo: 80-160 BPM
Voice Provider: Eric Hollaway

A unique vocal you won't find anywhere else, ASTERIAN is a warm and rich bass vocalist with a style that leans classical.

SAROS icon f88962ec f7a5 4913 88b5 7dc99fd1525e


Range: Tenor (B2-C5)
Tempo: 80-180 BPM

Our most dynamic vocal yet - SAROS can fit many genres with just a few user adjustments, at the core SAROS is a bright & strong singer with an affinity for rock.


See What's Possible

With vocals at your fingertips, the only limit is your inspiration.

Powered by Synthesizer V Studio

Our vocals are created exclusively for Synthesizer V Studio, the leading vocal synthesis software made by our partners at Dreamtonics. Synthesizer V Studio has 2 versions, the free "Basic" version and the complete "Pro" editor. While our vocals work well in either, we suggest Synthesizer V Studio Pro to access each of our vocals' full range of expression & capabilities.

A Small But Effective Team

Eclipsed Sounds is a small business based in the United States focused on creating high quality vocal synthesis instruments. While our team is made up of just 4 people, we each leverage over a decade of user experience in vocal synthesis to create high-quality products. We are committed to creating software vocalists to meet the diverse needs of musicians around the world.

Ethical Focus

We take pride in creating each of our vocal databases in partnership with one individual vocalist. For more on our perspectives on ethical voice database creation and usage, please see our About page.