About Us

Eclipsed Sounds, LLC is a United States-based small business focused on creating high quality vocal synthesis instruments. We are committed to creating software vocalists to meet the diverse needs of musicians.

A small business committed to providing vocals for songwriters around the world

Vocal synthesizers can help songwriters, musicians, and producers create fine-tuned vocal parts for their productions. Some will use virtual vocalists to fill in harmony parts in pieces featuring human vocalists, or to create detailed references for vocalists they are working with, or in many cases, to create songs featuring these digital vocals.

Whatever your use for them may be, Eclipsed Sounds is committed to creating high quality digital vocal instruments, and providing support for users of our vocal synthesis products.

We are passionate about vocal synthesis - that's why company profits are re-invested into improving our products, creating new products, and hiring skilled creators to showcase them.

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A Small & Effective Team

We are a small team only 4 members strong - but our unique workflow keeps our focus squarely on user needs and requests. Each team member takes charge of a different business area, but all team members work together on the development of our vocals and acquisition of collaborative talent.
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Remote-First Company

Everyone at Eclipsed Sounds works remotely from home with no physical storefront - even our vocals are created remotely! This allows us to stay focused on our products and our users, streamline our process, and easily adapt to the needs of each project.
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Passion-Centered Focus

We began as a group of friends passionate about vocal synthesis aiming to create singers that would meet the demands of the vocal synthesis community. We began with a crowdfund, and all vocals since have been funded directly by sales of previous voices, keeping us user-focused both in our products and daily operations.

Ethics & Values

When creating realistic and expressive synthesized vocals, ethics always need to be our top priority. In our vocal scouting, data collection, and voice database direction, we prioritize ethical standards and respect for everyone involved.

Putting the real vocalists first

Our Voice Providers

When we start the process of creating a voice database with a singer, we ensure that their identity, career, and safety are considered first and foremost. We go in-depth on the capabilities of the software, pinpoint any possible conflicts with their brand or career, and identify areas of their own style they may want to exclude from the vocal design. If a singer chooses to go through with creating a voice database with us:

  • Each voice provider has a clearly defined contract with both royalties and up-front payments defined and decided on before development begins.
  • Singers can choose to associate with the project publicly or be an anonymous voice provider if it would better suit their image.
  • The licenses for each voice database explicitly prohibit users from assuming the identity of our singers, and can be revoked if these terms are broken.
  • Vocalists are involved in providing feedback on other aspects of the project too - including name and character design.
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Ethically sourcing data

Data Collection

All of the data used on the Synthesizer V Studio platform is collected ethically and with the consent and permission of the vocals sampled. Training data is not harvested from social media or pulled from label-published music, it is created in collaboration with individual singers who choose to create voice databases with us or other developers for Synthesizer V Studio.

  • No outside data is used in our voice databases - all of the data used to construct each singing voice is provided by the credited or anonymous singer.
  • The original data cannot be extracted from our voice databases - keeping the recordings of our singers safe while still providing a high quality voice.
  • Any data used in our work outside of our singers, such as our assistance with Spanish language development, is not used as part of the training corpus for voice databases and is only used to improve development, provided through legitimate, open source research.

Keeping the focus on users' creativity

Original Creation

While our vocals are extremely realistic, they are primarily a tool for the expression of independent songwriters and sound design artists. Most of our customers use these voice databases to create drafts of vocal lines while creating original music, add extra harmonies and ad-libs to their current works-in-progress, and create vocal demos as a first step during communication with their vocalist collaborators. Some of our users also choose to publish songs with our vocals as their lead singers, allowing them to create vocal-centered music completely independently.

  • Songwriters have complete control over the voice and what it does - the melody and lyrics are still controlled by the user, not generated by the software.
  • Even aspects that can be generated by the software, such as pitch articulation and the tone of the voice, can and should be adjusted by the user.
  • Real, human singers will always be the best at providing realistic, emotional singing, just like human guitarists can't be replaced by realistic VSTs. Using our vocals just helps to bridge that gap and improve access for everyone to any kind of music they want to pursue.
  • Using our vocals and representing their output as another singer is strictly prohibited by the license - protecting even real singers outside of our lineup.

Frequently Asked Questions

More About Us

Eclipsed Sounds refers to the idea that the "sounds" we create as a company, meaning our digital vocalists, are made to be "Eclipsed" by the musical talent & skill of users! One of the things that we love the most about vocal synthesis is the ability for a songwriter using it to out-shine their main vocalist - something unheard of in many areas of the music industry. This became the inspiration for our name.

Many years before SOLARIA, Eclipsed Sounds was a fan-merchandise company specializing in peripheral merchandise for other vocal synthesis characters. However, these activities ended long before work on SOLARIA began.

We aren't currently hiring in full-time positions - if you are looking for an opportunity to collaborate on a project, please reach out through our contact page.

We are currently building our internal database of collaborators, with a focus on visual artists and singers interested in working with us.

Please use our general contact form and select "Product Request" or "Company Activity Request" depending on your idea. If you would like to work with us to fulfill this idea, please use the collaboration contact form. Thank you for your input and enthusiasm!

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