Vocal Demos

Our voice databases easily lend themselves to a wide variety of genres & applications - but our demo songs feature them primarily as solo lead vocalists. Browse each vocal's tab to see what's possible.

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Range:Soprano (D3-G5)
Tempo: 80-180 BPM
Recorded Languages: English



Range: Bass (C2-F4) + Falsetto (F#4-C5)
Tempo: 80-160 BPM
Recorded Languages: English



Range: Tenor (B2-C5)
Tempo:80-180 BPM
Recorded Languages: English, Spanish


A softer duet with SOLARIA featuring manual adjustment!

If You Are An Echo

In "If You Are an Echo", nostraightanswer debuted ASTERIAN alongside SOLARIA in this mellow duet, showcasing his gentler vocal modes as well as manual stylization.

ASTERIAN handles even scat singing with ease!

Of The Night

This jazz-rock fusion piece by Derek Spear showcases ASTERIAN's playful side (and Instant Mode pitch functionality) as a lead singer for the imagined jazz club ‘Nocturne Alley’, where even scat singing can be performed by this virtual vocalist without sacrificing any realism.

A nostalgic piece featuring ASTERIAN's old-school charm!

Once Again

This nostalgic song from Penelope Aveline shows a soft side to ASTERIAN's voice - a warm and emotional tone enhanced by his unique Instant Mode pitch calculations that bring in the natural charm of the voice provider, Eric Hollaway.

A cinematic showcase of ASTERIAN's theatrical vocal modes!

We Rise

ASTERIAN’s more dramatic vocal modes (Theatrical & Open) are showcased in “We Rise” - a cinematic piece by ifoundasound for ASTERIAN’s first anniversary.

A demo song that features ASTERIAN using Synthesizer V Studio Pro's Rap features

Sand Flame

ASTERIAN's new rap mode & vibrato modulation control features from v102 onward are demonstrated by Max Rena in this electronic piece that combines melodic rap sections made with ASTERIAN's "Sing" mode with verses made using his new "Rap" mode, including more standard lines with "Sing" mode as well.

A pop demo song using ASTERIAN's unique tone expertly


Kkiquu brings us a more contemporary sound from ASTERIAN in "Venom", using manual pitch adjustment to pull ASTERIAN's warm bass tone into more of a pop stylization.

ASTERIAN provides a dramatic front for a unique rock piece

Ad Astra

This intense rock piece by Kohikohi showcases ASTERIAN's powerful side, a resonant and commanding bass vocal that easily fronts even the most dramatic songs.

An extra-long and dramatic demo of SAROS' emotive vocals!

A Canvas Without Stars

An emotional song from the incredible DM DOKURO, showcasing SAROS' strength and expressiveness in the longest demo song we've ever had! SAROS blends perfectly with the dramatic sound of this epic piece.

SAROS' multi-lingual demo, a high-energy English & Spanish song!


Aku P demonstrates SAROS' unique capabilities in an exhilarating piece that spans their ideal range and accessible tones - as well as shows off a "special addition" we completed the development for - the addition of Spanish to Synthesizer V Studio!.

SAROS' soft side and upper register in a sweeping, emotional piece

A Starry Farewell

This demonstration by AIKA showcases both SAROS' upper register & softer side, in a dramatic and sweeping piece that brings out their depth of expression. This song also uses some of their vocal modes, which are combined in different amounts & used at different parts of the song to create especially expressive moments.

The expressive debut demo for SAROS

Movements Align

SAROS' debut demo song by ODDEEO demonstrates their core range and natural expressiveness in this emotive piece centered in one of their ideal genres.

SAROS leading an emotional ballad with expressive vocal layering

Wedding Dance at the End of the World

SAROS' third demo song - "Wedding Dance at the End of the World" by Nine Aetharia, is an emotional ballad that showcases SAROS' core range in both soft & strong tones while clearly showing their timbre.

A cheeky electronic song featuring stylistically adjusted vocals

Keep Your Eyes On Me

SAROS takes it up a notch in "Keep Your Eyes On Me" - a high-energy pop song from Koge! This song shows both their strong & soft side in a teasing siren's song set to a strong dance beat.

SAROS' range of expression is showcased in a high-energy & stylistic demo!


This song by Vane showcases SAROS’s full range of expression and tone in this high-tempo, electro swing demo song. Soaring high notes and soft low notes accentuate their range and versatility, thanks to in-editor vocal tuning by YoppyVU.