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SOLARIA Download

Thank you for your support. Please find the download link for your purchase below.


If the link above does not work, please use this link to download your files. Thank you.


Bonus Files

Please use this link to access our bonus files page. These are the same for all vocals. Any vocal-specific bonus files will be included in the vocal download.


Choosing your version

SOLARIA Version Information

This table lays out the specifications of each version included in your download. We keep all versions of our vocals available through our distributions, and this table will be updated over time as new versions release.

As of Synthesizer V Studio version 1.7.1, you can install multiple versions of a voice. We recommend that users install the latest version and all other versions that interest them, and choose the best version for each project. This provides the most options for your creative vision.

Please note that the license agreement (seen on the bottom of the vocal page) persists no matter which version is used.
Version Minimum Editor Requirement Notable Features Vocal Changes Vocal Modes* AI Retakes* Rap Mode* Cantonese Support* Spanish Support*
101 Synthesizer V Studio 1.5.0 SOLARIA's initial version. Amended license agreement, but otherwise the same as the now discontinued version 100.
103 Synthesizer V Studio 1.6.0 Vocal modes were added. SOLARIA's default tone became somewhat softer.
104 Synthesizer V Studio 1.6.0 A sound quality update after vocal modes were added. Tone stabilization update post vocal modes, aligned SOLARIA's default tone with the initial version.
106 Synthesizer V Studio 1.7.0 Added support for HDVM, increasing tonal variation. Added the AI Retakes feature. Softened SOLARIA's default tone, creating a more intimate impression.
108b1 Synthesizer V Studio 1.8.0b1 Beta for DPM - the successor to HDVM. Provided some strengthening & stabilization to SOLARIA's tone.
108 Synthesizer V Studio 1.8.0 Added DPM support, increasing realism and expression. Tone stabilization after the beta version.
109b1 Synthesizer V Studio 1.9.0b2 Added Rap Mode pitch editing support & support for Cantonese cross-lingual synthesis. -
109 Synthesizer V Studio 1.9.0 - Low range and strength improved compared to beta version.
110b1 Synthesizer V Studio 1.10.0b1 Added RLHF support, as well as "Enhancement" slider usage for pitch AI Retakes. -
110b2 Synthesizer V Studio 1.10.0b1 Second beta for RLHF. -
110 Synthesizer V Studio 1.10.0b2 Added RLHF support. Vocal modes returned to initial state before beta.
111 Synthesizer V Studio 1.10.0 Japanese cross-lingual synthesis support added for Rap Mode. -
112b1 Synthesizer V Studio 1.11.0b2 Beta version of Spanish cross-lingual synthesis support. -
112 Synthesizer V Studio 1.11.0 Formally added Spanish cross-lingual synthesis support. -
* Indicates that a feature is only available in the Pro version of Synthesizer V Studio

Installing your vocal

Installation & Activation

Please follow the steps below in order to install and activate your vocal.

Package Screenshot

1. Open your downloaded file

Expand the downloaded .ZIP file from your product download. You should see some internal folders & files, including a file with the extension .SVPK.

.SVPK are Synthesizer V Studio vocal installation packages. The download also includes previous installers of your vocal in the "Other Versions" sub-folder. Check the table above on this page for information on these versions.

2. Open Synthesizer V Studio

Open the Synthesizer V Studio or Synthesizer V Studio Pro application in order to install the vocal.

Please ensure your editor window resembles the image above, and that the program name is "Synthesizer V Studio" and is not the original evaluation prototype "Synthesizer V".
Don't have Synthesizer V Studio? Be sure to install Synthesizer V Studio Basic or purchase Synthesizer V Studio Pro before installing any vocals.

3. Drag & drop the installer into Synthesizer V Studio

Click and drag your .SVPK file from your downloaded file into the Synthesizer V Studio window. Once done successfully, you should see the prompt above.

Screen Shot 2024 06 13 at 3

4. Review the license agreement for the vocal

Read through the license agreement window and accept the terms of the agreement before proceeding with the rest of the installation process.

The license agreement can also be found on each vocal's main page on our website.

Screen Shot 2024 06 13 at 3

5. Enter your activation code

Enter the activation code contained in your email from Eclipsed Sounds that should have arrived after your purchase. You can also copy your activation code to your clipboard, and Synthesizer V Studio will automatically input it when you click inside the first text box.

If you have difficulty locating your activation code, please check your spam folder and contact us so we may provide additional support.

Uninstalling your vocal

Deactivation & Uninstallation

Please follow these steps to safely uninstall your vocal while maintaining functionality of your activation code.


1. Open Synthesizer V Studio

Before uninstalling a vocal, you need to open Synthesizer V Studio to begin the process.

If you are uninstalling Synthesizer V Studio itself, be sure to uninstall all vocals before doing so.

2. Open the License and Updates panel

Select the cloud icon on the vertical toolbar to open the License and Updates panel. This panel should show all of your currently installed voice databases, as well as Synthesizer V Studio itself.

Screen Shot 2024 06 13 at 3

3. Select the vocal you are uninstalling

Click on the entry for the vocal you are planning to uninstall.

Screen Shot 2024 06 13 at 3

4. Click the "Deactivate and Uninstall" button

At the bottom of the panel, select the "Deactivate and Uninstall" button for the voice. This will remove the activation code from your device as well as the vocal installation.

You can also deactivate the vocal while keeping it installed, which can be useful in cases of major hardware updates to keep your activation status safe while keeping installation files on your device. Please refer to Dreamtonics' recommendations when deciding whether or not to keep your activations during major updates to your device.
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