New Digital Vocalist "SAROS" from Eclipsed Sounds Announced

A dynamic and truly expressive tenor, SAROS is our newest vocalist for Synthesizer V Studio.


Video: "Movements Align" by ODDEEO, the first original demo song for SAROS, uploaded onto the Eclipsed Sounds YouTube channel.



Announcement of SAROS

Early last month, we were focused on preparing for our appearance at the NAMM show. Our company accounts had gone quiet, with a lack of news or updates to deliver on publicly - all because, internally, all four of our team members were hard at work on SAROS, our upcoming digital singer for Synthesizer V Studio. The night before our team began our day of travel to meet in Anaheim before the show, we uploaded the first teaser, [ " there you are " ] ;. Our intention with this teaser was to be deliberately mysterious as we brought the new voice database to the NAMM Show.



SAROS at the NAMM Show

At the NAMM Show, event goers were able to try out this new vocalist at our booth, where we were focused on gathering feedback that would determine SAROS' positioning with regard to further demo songs. SAROS was described by booth visitors as a "midway point between SOLARIA and ASTERIAN", a "very strong and expressive voice", and "so stylish!" (Though - that last one may only be referring to the poster we had advertising the new vocal's trial.) Primarily, show attendees were wowed by the software as a whole, with many who were expecting a sample pack shocked at the realism, flexibility, and expressiveness presented by Synthesizer V vocals. You can read more about our booth at the NAMM show in our NAMM Show 2023 blog post.

Embedded Tweet: tomo(AHS) @tomo_ahs shares photos from our booth at the 2023 NAMM show, including a previously unrevealed poster showcasing SAROS' full illustration.


At the event, we were very happy to meet with tomo from AH-Software, who supplied display packages of Synthesizer V products distributed by AH-Software for us to display at our booth. Unexpectedly, tomo also shared an image of the poster we brought to showcase SAROS at the show; however, this was a welcome surprise. At the show, we were also very fortunate to be able to provide interviews to individuals from multiple different outlets - including Ken Fujimoto from DTM Station, and Edd Butterworth from Sonicstate - to answer questions about our currently available voices and give additional information about our plans with SAROS.



The First Demo - "Movements Align" by ODDEEO

SAROS' first full demo song is "Movements Align" by ODDEEO, and it was uploaded to our YouTube channel on the first of this month. This demo showcases SAROS' natural expression and emotive style. For more on "Movements Align", check out ODDEEO's interview with @EngVocaPromo on Twitter.

In our website update, we collected all officially sponsored demonstration songs on the Demos page, organized by the vocals that appear in each one.


More Demos for SAROS Coming Soon!

While we have shared the full version of one demo song at this time, many more are coming up in the near future! We have partnered with more songwriters than we ever have before, and are using our previous experience with SOLARIA and ASTERIAN's promotional cycles to improve our strategies and focus on sharing information about SAROS and their capabilities clearly with users. As a result, we will not be opening pre-orders until the bulk of development is complete, in order to showcase the near-final product and provide the most accurate information on the product page.



Continuing Development & SAROS' Timeline

SAROS is our most dynamic vocalist yet - but their dynamism and expression does come with its own challenges. In order to ensure the same level of quality as our two previous vocalists, SAROS' development is being taken slowly and all work is being extensively double-checked by all 4 of our team members. While a beta version was available at the NAMM Show and was used by ODDEEO in the "Movements Align" demonstration, this voice database was a prototype, and many aspects of SAROS still need to be adjusted before we are comfortable making pre-orders available or settling on a final release date.


In our current internal beta version, we are focused on improving the performance of vocal modes. SAROS will likely have more vocal modes available than either of our previous vocals, and their voice database will contain more data than either SOLARIA or ASTERIAN had available. As a result, we are working with an extended timeline to ensure quality, and also hoping to ensure clarity in communication with a longer list of pre-release demonstration songs than provided for either of our previous vocals. If all goes well, we hope to release SAROS before the end of the summer.



Thank you for your support of our vocals, and for your interest in SAROS! Please feel free to share your thoughts on social media with #SynthV_SAROS, and to email us through our contact page for any questions you have not covered by our FAQ.