Eclipsed Sounds at the NAMM Show 2023

A summary of our experiences & interactions at Eclipsed Sounds' very first NAMM Show!


The entire Eclipsed Sounds team was at the 2023 NAMM Show! From left to right: Brielle, Elijah, Taylor, & Niamh (Photo: DTMStation)



Eclipsed Sounds' First Appearance at the NAMM Show

This year was Eclipsed Sounds' first at the NAMM Show, which also marked our first public promotional appearance. This year, the NAMM Show was set to be smaller than usual as one of the first returning from its hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic, so we thought it was the perfect year to try it out for the first time.




Eclipsed Sounds NAMM 2023 Booth

This year, we chose the smallest booth size available and were placed in an "island" with 3 other companies. To make the most of the available space, we set up our booth with an outer viewing portion on the corner, and an inner demo section. This layout helped us accommodate attendees that had a bit more time to try out the software, as well as those who just had some questions and wanted to grab a pamphlet.

Our display plans included 2 standing banners, pamphlets & business cards, and a monitor provided by show partners. Our interactive demo section had 2 laptop stations for attendees to try out our vocals. At our booth's demo area, we had Dreamtonics' Natalie & Ninezero available for trial, as well as ASTERIAN, SOLARIA, and the beta version of our newest vocal SAROS.



SAROS at the NAMM Show

At the NAMM Show, event goers were able to try out our newest vocalist, SAROS, at our booth. There, we were focused on gathering feedback that would determine SAROS' positioning with regard to future demo songs. SAROS was described by booth visitors as a "midway point between SOLARIA and ASTERIAN", a "very strong and expressive voice", and "so stylish!" (Though - that last one may only be referring to the poster we had advertising the new vocal's trial.) Primarily, show attendees were wowed by the software as a whole, with many who were expecting a sample pack shocked at the realism, flexibility, and expressiveness presented by Synthesizer V vocals. You can read more about our booth at the NAMM show in our NAMM Show 2023 blog post.

Embedded Tweet: tomo(AHS) @tomo_ahs shares photos from our booth at the 2023 NAMM show, including a previously unrevealed poster showcasing SAROS' full illustration.



Making Connections at NAMM

At the event, we were very happy to meet with tomo from AH-Software, who supplied display packages of Synthesizer V products distributed by AH-Software for us to display at our booth. Unexpectedly, tomo also shared an image of the poster we brought to showcase SAROS at the show; however, this was a welcome surprise. At the show, we were also very fortunate to be able to provide interviews to individuals from multiple different outlets - including Ken Fujimoto from DTM Station, and Edd Butterworth from Sonicstate - to answer questions about our currently available voices and give additional information about our plans with SAROS.



Our experience at the NAMM Show was absolutely indispensable - we hope to attend the NAMM Show again in the future!