ASTERIAN & SOLARIA Beta Update Released for Synthesizer V Studio Version 1.9.0

SOLARIA & ASTERIAN's beta update that supports Synthesizer V Studio's newest features in 1.9.0 is now available.



Updates for Both Vocals

  • Pronunciation accuracy of Cross-Lingual synthesis has been improved.

  • SOLARIA & ASTERIAN now support Cantonese singing.

  • Vocal modes' strength & realism has been increased. Normalization of vocal mode audio has also been improved.

  • Base tones for SOLARIA and ASTERIAN have become somewhat stronger.

  • Rap Mode is now enabled for SOLARIA and ASTERIAN. No additional data has been added to support rap expression, so please expect to make some manual changes to make the tone appropriate for each singer. Please refer to the video for recommended ranges & adjustments for rap mode.

Updates for SOLARIA

  • Improved expression in her low range. Low range now reaches to D3 without quality loss.


Updates for ASTERIAN

  • ASTERIAN's lowest notes are clearer with less distortion, extending his low range to C2 without quality loss. His high range has also been improved, removing the "gap" between his falsetto and core ranges.

  • ASTERIAN's enunciation with short notes & faster songs has been improved.

  • The new vibrato modulation slider in singing mode allows users to quickly reduce the strength of his natural vibrato, opening up even more singing styles for ASTERIAN's automatic pitch generation.

  • Many users have inquired about rap mode for ASTERIAN, so he will receive a new demo song featuring it this evening.


For more information on the new features in Synthesizer V Studio 1.9.0, please visit Dreamtonics' full news post on the update.



Downloading The Updates

Please visit the permanent download link in your Eclipsed Sounds activation code email, or download the new version from the Dreamtonics download page. Beta versions cannot be downloaded from within the Synthesizer V Studio editor, so please be sure to download the installer directly.



Beta Version Feedback

If you have any feedback on these beta updates, please submit it through our contact form.