ASTERIAN "Eclipsed" Design Contest - Results Announced!

Design a new outfit for ASTERIAN based on the theme to win prizes - including digital software copies & an exclusive box for ASTERIAN with new artwork featuring your design!



This contest presented us the unique challenge of choosing not just an entry that matched the “eclipse” concept, but one that, didn't necessarily match, but fit alongside SOLARIA’s eclipsed design as well to satisfy fans of the series. Our team fell in love with the unique silhouette presented in this design, as well as the strong motifs presented within. It perfectly encapsulates ASTERIAN’s effortless elegance!


Winning Entry - Mim ( @mimsynth )


After much deliberation, we are happy to announce the winner of the ASTERIAN Eclipsed design contest, Mim! Congratulations! We were really impressed with the strong shapes & silhouette with this design, as well as the way it captured and then elevated some of ASTERIAN's original design's concepts!


All Entries

It was by no means an easy decision- thank you to everyone who participated! While we could, unfortunately, only choose one of the many entries we received for this contest, the variety of different styles and inspirations that were entered truly blew us away! Please take some time to browse the other incredible entries below; click the image to see the name of the creator & a social link if one was submitted. Thank you again to everyone who entered this contest!







Original Contest Post:



Prompt & Design Suggestions

Create a new design for ASTERIAN based on your interpretation of the theme of an "Eclipse" or being "Eclipsed" - some influences could be:

  • A solar or lunar eclipse - both involve the moon & serve as iconic imagery that could play well into a design.

  • The concept of synthesized singers being "eclipsed" by the skill of their users - serving as an avenue for songwriters rather than squaring focus on a singer alone. (This concept serves as the basis for our company's name & theme!)

  • What would happen during an eclipse to a god based on a stellar body? Do they become stronger, weaker, or show a completely different side of themselves altogether? Is it a nostalgic experience for them, or an exciting event?

ASTERIAN's design has many attributes that can be leveraged to create a memorable alternate design - here are some attributes of his that we find particularly integral to his look:

  • Warm blues in a variety of shades to accent his soothing voice & moon theming

  • Usage of gold accents to imply a royal status & continue matching his warm vocal tone

  • Broad shoulders & close-cropped facial hair to suit a masculine impression

These aspects can be changed as the designer wishes, or ignored altogether depending on the inspiration.




One winning design will be chosen as the official alternate “Eclipsed” design for ASTERIAN. This winner’s design will be illustrated by Superstellar for a special edition of his physical software.

  • $1000 USD Delivered via PayPal

  • Exclusive box edition of ASTERIAN featuring new artwork of the winning design.

  • Winning design will become an official alternate design for ASTERIAN

  • Normal physical editions of SOLARIA, ASTERIAN, and SAROS, including download copies of each voice.

All physical prizes will be shipped during SAROS' physical edition fulfillment period.



Requirements for Entry

  • Include both a front and back view of your design

  • Maintain official characteristics of “ASTERIAN” (skin tone, hair color/length)

  • Include contact information such as social media accounts & artist alias for attribution in your submission.

  • You may enter up to 2 designs.

  • Designs must be your own work, and not created using dress-up games, character creators, prompt-based image generation, or other similar methods.

  • Designs may be drawn digitally or using physical media in any art style as long as they can be seen & evaluated clearly by our team.

  • You must be 18 years or older to enter, or have permission from a guardian at or above that age to receive prizes.

  • Submitting your entry means you agree to our Design Usage Agreement.


Design Usage Agreement

The winner’s design will be illustrated as a new key art piece for ASTERIAN and will be distributed, with attribution, for free usage by ASTERIAN Synthesizer V library users. The winning design will, after being chosen, belong to Eclipsed Sounds for any and all purposes of reproduction with appropriate attribution. Entries that are not selected as winners will also be included on the contest summary page, with appropriate attribution.


Submitting Your Designs

Submit your final entry to our submissions form before midnight pacific time on September 1st to be included in our judging pool.



References & Additional Information


ASTERIAN Official Assets (Primary Design)

ASTERIAN is themed around the moon, with a design meant to mirror SOLARIA's in many aspects. While SOLARIA's design has a light-to-dark vertical gradient, ASTERIAN's is meant to be the opposite, making them balanced when used as a pair. In many ways, he is meant to represent a harmonic opposite to SOLARIA - his armor pieces are more decorative and placed opposite from hers, his hair is much longer & his crown is flat against his head and present alongside hair jewelry elements compared to SOLARIA's large single piece. As with SOLARIA, ASTERIAN's clothing is a blend of modern pieces filtered through a mythological lens, including gold metal accents throughout.

SOLARIA Official "Eclipsed Design" Artwork

We encourage participants to reference this artwork to get the "feel" of the winning design from our previous contest! You can read more about this contest and its results in our SOLARIA Indiegogo Page Update Archive. Your entry is not required to match this design, and doing so will not grant additional consideration to your entry, but it may be a good source of inspiration.




Thank you for your support of ASTERIAN, we hope that interested artists will enjoy this event! For songwriters - please expect a song contest event for ASTERIAN after this contest's conclusion.